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New fabric

I am particularly looking at claire_smith and becky_spence here. This is a load of fabric I will never make anything with. I still have three boxes I am being hopeful about! If either of you want a load of this, and rather than paying want me to throw fabric at you for you to make into a simple full skirt or something, that's fine with me. I have already been trading services for goods!

Cotton camo Cotton camo
45" x 60" £5
Green camo with flash Green camo with flash
Heavy Blue Camo (night camo?) Heavy Blue Camo (night camo?)
60" x 240" very VERY heavy to post £10
Blue camo with flash Blue camo with flash
Camo patterned fleece Camo patterned fleece
26" x 18" postage only
2 pieces black floral lace 2 pieces black floral lace
about 60" oval and large scrap Free with any other purchase, or postage only
Red lace Red lace
65" x 25" £2
Stretchy - L shaped piece, one part 25" x 60", the other 25" x 40" £5
Heavy Black PVC Heavy Black PVC
Again, off cut, about 30" x 30" £3
Stretch black PVC Stretch black PVC
offcut 55" x 20" £2
Bright pink batik print material Bright pink batik print material
90" x45" £5
Pink Batik with flash Pink Batik with flash
Multi coloured batik print Multi coloured batik print
45" x 90" £5
Sheer pink fabric without flash Sheer pink fabric without flash
Very thin pink cotton (flash) Very thin pink cotton (flash)
very very thin, almost sheer, fuschai pink the camera won't show 45" x 110" £5
Silver purple organza Silver purple organza
Shimmers and shifts under the light, gorgeous fabric 60" x 120" £10
Pink organza Pink organza
Shimmer material 45" x 70" £3
Silver/ purple organza with flash Silver/ purple organza with flash
Black Jersey Fabric Black Jersey Fabric
65" x 45" £5
Black soft lining Black soft lining
The nice lining, feels silky, not the cheap shiny 60"x 90" £3

White slightly sparkly organza White slightly sparkly organza
45" x 120" £5
More of white organza More of white organza

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