faerie_sales (faerie_sales) wrote,

Da "Rules"

1. Prices don't include postage and packing. I will look at what you want, and then see how much it will cost - this means I cna combine shipping. If I see you on a reasonably regular basis (you live in my area/ Tuesday nights at College Arms/ BU crowd etc) I am happy to bring it next time we see each other, but would prefer payment when you say you want something. Please let me know if you want insurance added on

2. I will be doing a "wants and trades" post at some point as well - please feel free to offer swaps where you have something you see I want, or something you think I might want

3. I prefer PayPal - please go to http://www.ppcalc.com/ to calculate how much fees will be. I also accept Postal Orders, concealed cash (AYOR) and bank trasfers - the latter only from people I know IRL I am afraid. No cheques - it's too hasslesome as I don't have a branch of my bank anywhere near where I work

4. I will ship worldwide, but orders outside the UK must be paid in PayPal

5. Yes, of course I will give reductions for multiple items - also maybe if you ask nicely, but don't push it :-)

6. First to comment with something like "I'm interested in" gets first dibs, but if that person just stops responding it will go to the next person

7. FREE ITEMS. There will be a limited number of free items. I will send one free item for every £10 you spend (of you choice, just say what you want!) or you can have any of them for £1 each to cover P&P and stuff.

8. I will take down piccies and cross out things that have sold to avoid confusion

9. I'll do my best to give an honest impression of items, but please let me know if there are any problems with anything, there's so much, I may have overlooked something!

(PS I will be uploading the first lot tonight - and it will keep being added to)
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