faerie_sales (faerie_sales) wrote,

Wants List

I will trade for the following:


Corsets in 30” – NOT underbust black satin, underbust black PVC, underbust white satin, underbust pinstripe – I have all those. Overbust must take into account 36FF boobs that I don’t want around my ears or spilling unattractively over the top


Pinstripe/ Corp Goth clothing: Size 18ish (14 – 18 for tops, 16 – 18 for skirts)


Trad Goth:  Depending on the outfit I may like the occasional floaty dress type affair in a 16 – 18


PVC/ Latex/ Fetish gear: Sizes as above, or unused “toys” and bondage gear


Burlesque: Clothing again, as above


Unusual Cyber/ Goth accessories: pink, black, red etc. No goggles


Dread falls: Professionally made, of the sort <lj user=needler> makes


Shoes and boots: Demonia/ Pleaser with wide heel (no stilettos unless ballet boots)/ Nightlife/ New Rocks etc. Size UK7


Cosmetics:  High end, preferably MAC or very close quality.


Music: EBM/ Industrial


Books: Would have to be unusual to interest me as I have about 7000. No chick lit or anything similar!


Anything else you think might appeal!

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