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Single sales post - LOTS

Amazing 30 Amazing 30
From Gallery Serpenting - very steampunk/ Industrial/ goth. The next pic shows it on. Only selling because abdominal surgery means i can't wear long corsets £70
Corset shown worn Corset shown worn
For an idea, I was a size 18 when this was taken
Pink and black lace bustier 38E Pink and black lace bustier 38E
With suspenders, never been worn and still with tags £5
Silver jewel wedges, 7 Silver jewel wedges, 7
Worn a couple of times, these are absolutely fabulous - silver sandals with jewel covered wedges. £10 plus P&P
Office Patent Sandals, size 7 Office Patent Sandals, size 7
Hardly worn, very sexy with a broad heel for comfort £10 plus P&P
Red glitter shoes, 7 Red glitter shoes, 7
From Pleaser, these are utterly gorgeous and really quite comfortable. Only worn once or twice, selling because I have only worn them so rarely and it seems a waste £15 + P&P
Slick Cinderella shoes, size 7 Slick Cinderella shoes, size 7
Incredbly sexy stripper/ fetish shoes £15 plus P&P
Slick Cinderella fetish boots, 7 Slick Cinderella fetish boots, 7
Stunningly sexy sparkle ankle boots £20 plus P&P
UV Tiara UV Tiara
UV reactive with orange, pink and red parts £3 plus P&P
3 MAC Lipglasses 3 MAC Lipglasses
All slightly used Top: Flusterose Lustreglass £5 plus P&P Middle: Small Dreamy £3 plus P&P Bottom: Lustreglass Decorative £5 plus P&P
Frost Pigment - never used, I got two for Christmas £10 plus P&P Reflects Very Pink - never used, I got two for Christmas as well! £10 plus P&P - sold
MAC Lipsticks MAC Lipsticks
Left: Pink Plaid, lightly used £7 plus P&P</strike> sold Right: Plink, lightly used £5 plus P&P
MAC Liquidlast liner MAC Liquidlast liner
In fuchsia-ism. Never used as another duplicate gift £8
Nails Inc Nailvarnish Nails Inc Nailvarnish
Bright red, never used £3
MAC eyeshadows MAC eyeshadows
Left: Metalblu Metal-x cream eyeshadow - rare now, and gorgeous colour, Barely used £8 plus P&P Middle: Plum electric, metal-x cream eyeshadow - rare now, stunning purple, barelu used £8 plus P&P Right: Mineralise Lovstone eyeshadow, barely used £8
Red and black fall Red and black fall
Gorgeous hair fall from Miss Needles, it is unusual in that it has some clips that come over the front to voer even more hair look more like installs than falls. Hardly used £20 plus P&P
Close up of fall Close up of fall
Both falls at a distance Both falls at a distance
Black and flowers fall Black and flowers fall
Another Miss Needles fall, barely worn and in gorgeous condition, it is crin, foam, tubing and then adorned with her beautiful handmade kanzashi flowers throughout £20 plus P&P
close up of fall close up of fall
Pink Tartan Jacket , 16 Pink Tartan Jacket , 16
I wish this fit me properly :-( £10 plus P&P
red tartan biker style jacket, 18 red tartan biker style jacket, 18
£10 plus P&P
Light summer jacket, 14 Light summer jacket, 14
from M&S, gorgeous and very flattering £10 plus P&P
Genuine army jacket Genuine army jacket
Chest 100cm, waist 92cm. Deigned for a man, but fitst a 14/18 woman too £15 plus P&P
better view of the colour better view of the colour
28 28
Beautiful fully steelboned white corset - very flattering and takes you *right* in. Worn twice, so not shaped to me at all £40 plus P&P
RARE Dane top RARE Dane top
I have never seen another like it - it has padding at the neck, elbows and wrists and is an amazing cyber piece. Still hesitating over this one, so £25 plus P&P
Red Next shirt, 18 Red Next shirt, 18
Kind of military style. Very flattering and slightly stretchy £5 plus P&P
sexy lace top sexy lace top
this is sooo sexy - completely sheer lace top, laces closed at the front. marked an "l" but fit me at 16/18. Looks fab with a corset £10 plus P&P
Lip service skirt, Lip service skirt,
Pink tartan pattern. It's about a size 18 and gorgeous. Never worn as I forgot I had it! £20 plus P&P
Tartan lac up mini Tartan lac up mini
Grey and red tartan mini that laces closed up the back. Size 16. but can be worn on the hips for a 14 £5 plus P&P
back view back view
Black velvet walking skirt Black velvet walking skirt
From Dark Angel, about a size 14/18. Slightly shorter in the front to show off boots £10 plus P&P
Sexy pencil skirt Sexy pencil skirt
Around a 16/18, this is a pencil skirt with a small "kick flip" part at the back making it more flattering and easy to walk in. Very pinup style £10 plus P&P
Pencil skirt front view Pencil skirt front view
PVC Train skirt PVC Train skirt
Made by a friend of mine, about a 14/18. Ankle length skirt with a train at the back, could be worn on the hips too £10 plus P&P
Amazing ballgown 16/18 Amazing ballgown 16/18
It breaks my heart to sell this. It is an incredible black ballgown with sequins and detailing all over the bodie and upper skirt. The next pictures show it in more detail. It is *definitely* for someone less short waisted than me. If it wasn't too long in the body I would never think about selling this. Cost well in excess of £100 originally, never worn £50 ono plus P&P
ballgown skirt detail ballgown skirt detail
bodice details bodice details
PVC gown 2 - 16ish PVC gown 2 - 16ish
This is brand new and cost over £100 new. Unfortunately it just doesn't sit right on me. The dress is adjustable on all levels with straps and buckles (so would fit 14 - 18). It can be sleeveless as shown here or the detachable sleeves/ shrug as shown turn the dress into something else completely. The bottom strap will even make it a hobble dress if you want it. Heavy PVC, not cheap stuff at all. Sexiest dress EVER £50 ono plus P&P
full length view full length view
with sleeves with sleeves
I wish I could photograph this!
sleeved/ shrug sleeved/ shrug
Joanna Hope dress close up Joanna Hope dress close up
Joanna Hope Dress, 20 Joanna Hope Dress, 20
Never worn, gorgeous soft dress with v neck and diamante buckle. Very flattering, just too big! £15 plus P&P
Lip service dress, XXL Lip service dress, XXL
about a 16/18. Cute as anything pink and pinstripe/ lace off the shoulder dress. It's adorable! £25 plus P&P
Lip service tartan skirt and top (see below) Lip service tartan skirt and top (see below)
I am really reluctant to sell this so the price reflects that I would want what it's worth to me. Will fit a 14/16, this is lovely, very rare now and extremely flattering. The top has lost the little tab on the zipper but it all works fine £50 plus P&P
Lipservice top Lipservice top
Automaton Boot Covers Automaton Boot Covers
Very rare, madly reflective boot covers from the now long gone Automaton brand - below I also have the matching apron skirt and arm warmers. See arm warmers for reflective. These are padded and £20 or £50 for all three as a set plus P&P
Automaton Arm warmers Automaton Arm warmers
to go with the boot covers above. Here you can see the light reflection under flash - on the leg warmers you can see the silver. Has been repaired at the wrist but not visible when worn £20 or £50 for all three as a set plus P&P
Automaton Apron skirt Automaton Apron skirt
This pic shows the skirt with flash - will fit 8 - 18 as adjustable at the waist. £20 or £50 for all three as a set plus P&P
Automaton skirt without flash Automaton skirt without flash
cyberdog Circuit Board Arm Warmers cyberdog Circuit Board Arm Warmers
Sorry for the poor piccy - you can see it on the Cyberdog Website too. Barely worn £10 plus P&P
Prohibition Necklace Prohibition Necklace
Clear with metallic pink diamond shape £5
Prohibition Necklace Prohibition Necklace
Without flash

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